How do I book you?

Contact your local party team. Once a slot is agreed, you will need to fill in a booking form and make a 50% first payment to secure your party booking.

How do I know you're good?

We are very proud of our reviews and would love to share them with you! Check out the ones on our facebook page and ask your local party team for more examples.

What's the typical party structure?

We arrive 30 minutes before the party to set up, put on some music and get to know the birthday child(ren). We’ll do some warm up activities with any early arrivals and then at the official start time we begin 1 hour of non-stop fun and games. This is followed by a break for the kids to have refreshments and for “Happy Birthday”. As soon as the kids are ready we’ll carry on (typically for 40 minutes) until the end.

Can you do a 1 hour booking?

We can but it’s less good value for money because we sill have the same travel and set up times and we can’t take another booking in the same slot. However, if you’re planning a 3rd birthday a 1 hour party can work best.

Can the entertainer come for the middle/end of our party?

Your entertainer has 6 pieces of equipment to bring in and set up. They’ also need to park directly outside. It’s always best to let them get in and sorted before your guests arrive.

Can you do a combination of themes?

Absolutely. Mix and match any themes you like. The children won’t find it strange if one game is based on Peppa Pig and another on Spiderman (we’ve done this combination). They’ll just go with it and enjoy themselves.

Will boys enjoy a fairy princess party? Will girls enjoy a superhero party?

We ALWAYS include references that will appeal to boys and girls. We work on the assumption that not everyone will know or like the theme and that everything we do still needs to work brilliantly.

How much do you charge?

Contact your local party team for prices in your area. Our prices are competitive and we include invite template, tons of prizes for everyone and a special certificate for the birthday child(ren).

Do your entertainers have insurance?

Yes, all our entertainers have Public Liability Insurance.

Are your entertainers CRB or DBS checked?

Until recently, having a CRB check was absolutely standard practice for anyone working with kids and all our party staff had an enhanced check. However, the CRB has now been replaced by the DBS. The DBS is only required for those in a caring for children role and does not apply to party staff. On the contrary it is against the rules to be over zealous and apply for a DBS when it is not strictly needed. Party entertainers should not ever be alone with the children. At the very least the parents of the birthday child will remain present throughout. This is the reason that a DBS check is not needed for party entertainers.

We do still ask our franchisees to apply for a DBS when they join our company as we are establishing a long term relationship with them in an on-going role working with children. But you will find more and more party entertainers moving away from having a DBS check. Whilst once it was standard practice to have the CRB check it will soon become standard practice not to have the DBS check.

Should I also hire a facepainter/bouncy castle/play equipment?

There’s no need to get anything else and it can be very distracting. We will keep the kids entertained throughout.

Do you give out prizes?

We give out TONS of prizes (no sweets) and everyone always gets a fair share. We also award a special certificate to the birthday child(ren).

Do you provide party bags?

We don’t do party bags but you can rely on our prizes to be of a good quality and everyone to get plenty of them. Parents often comment that by simply adding some sweets or chocolate they feel the kids have enough to take home with them.

Do you provide invitations?

We have over 20 invite templates for you to choose from.

How will the entertainer be dressed?

All our entertainers appear as “Miss Bish Bash” or “Mr Bish Bash” –  dressed in a Bish Bash t-shirt together with a selection of red and white polka dot accessories. It’s a fun, bold look that appeals to kids of all ages and equally to boys and girls.

Can the entertainer come in a themed costume?

We have found that it’s best to leave the fancy dress to the kids. Remember, unless ALL the children love a particular character then it will be a bid turn off for them.

Can the entertainer come in a mascot costume?

A mascot character is lovely for a cuddle and perfect for photos. But the person inside won’t be able to do very much at all – it’s hot, heavy and not easy to see in there! These days it’s easy to hire a mascot costume and then all you’ve got to do is persuade dad to wear it! We advise using a mascot during the refreshments break and then again at the end to wave everyone off.

Can you do a party for a 1 or 2 year old?

Our games, prizes and equipment are suitable for children aged 3+. Children under 3 will enjoy the music and atmosphere but won’t be able to join in properly. Only book us if you’re expecting a decent sized gathering of 3-8 year olds.